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"Where I Am, There You May Be Also"

While God has prepared and designed this earth for man to live in, it is tarnished with the sins and evils of man that have brought fears, sadness, and even hopelessness. We take heart that there are kind souls who try to improve it, yet most inventions to improve life on earth has been misused for evil. This is not a place that God planned for man to live forever.

God has sent an invitation through Jesus for us to live with Him forever in a place of bliss called Heaven. Join us in our upcoming Friendship Sunday as we consider Jesus’ wonderful invitation: “Where I am, there you may be also."

Speaker: Michael Yeo

Date: 5 May 2024 (10 am)

Zoom Link: Meet with us physically at 63 Ubi Avenue 1, #05-04, Singapore 408937

To our visitors joining us for the first time, here's more information for you:

Catch up also on the previous "What if" sermons at

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