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If I Told You Earthly Things & You Don't Believe, How Will You Believe If I Tell You Heavenly Things

Have you ever had difficulty processing a piece of information? Sometimes we have a "mental block", not because we do not understand what is being said, but rather because we have difficulty accepting it.

Come join us as we learn from Jesus' interaction 2,000 years ago with a man named Nicodemus who had such a "mental block" concerning the important matter of man's salvation from sin.

Speaker: Benjamn Kwan

Date: 2 Apr 2023 (10 am)

Zoom Link: Meet with us physically at GV Building, 101 Joo Chiat Road, 4th Floor, Singapore 427395

To our visitors joining us for the first time, here's more information for you:

Catch up also on the previous "What if" sermons at

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